Data Centre Migration Project Programme Management


Migration planning

The planning stage of size or scale migration is one of the most difficult to accomplish well as there will be requirements from many stakeholders to be involved, all with differing views on how to achieve the desired outcome.

MTell can work with your stakeholders and create the required level of migration collateral to help you deliver your desired outcome, some key area’s from MTell’s wealth of experience which will help you achieve you desired outcome are:-

– Agree an Event Horizon this is the compelling event which is the reason why you are doing the data centre migration, whether that be legislation driven, a business separation deadline or just a change of service provide, having a common goal among the stakeholders will help you towards your desired outcome.

– Agree the quantity of migration events and timeframes to be completed by to reach the desired outcome, this is usually driven by the timeframe to complete your migration.

– Group your applications and agree number of events required based on the risk appetite for completing the events.

– Agree the migration framework and get support from the relevant stakeholders about the milestones required to be completed to reach a successful conclusion.

– Agree roles and responsibilities with stakeholders and agree timeframes for delivery of collateral to support the migration event.

– Remediation activities required to put the systems into the best possible position to achieve the required data centre migration.

– Plan ahead and build out your new location to accept any devices that are being migrated ahead of time.

MTell consultants can provide a tailored package of planning to meet your specific requirements or work with your team to create a complete data centre migration plan.