Data Centre Migration Project Programme Management

Execution / Migration

Migration Execution / Migration Managment

While execution of a migration event may not seem the most difficult task to complete, many businesses use the same resource that is running day to day operations, this adds additional workloads onto the teams which generally are working flat out to manage the day to day tasks and adds risk to the completion of a migration events and also the day to day business services.

MTell propose that the use of dedicated, non operational resource to execute the migration events will help de-risk the migration event and keep your business operating as expected, the use of operational resource being limited to testing / acceptance of the services once they have been migrated.

Mtell can execute the migration plan, assist with the execution of the migration events, or provide independent quality assurance of how your team are executing against the plan vs the agreed migration framework to give your stakeholders the confidence that the plan, event and migration are being delivered as expected.