Data Centre Migration Project Programme Management


The undertaking of a Data Centre / Server Room / IT Infrastructure relocation can expose significant risks to both the business and also expose ageing IT infrastructure and applications that do not fit with your desired outcome.

MTell has a wealth of experience that can help you reduce the overall business risk and accelerate your project within the realms of managing data centre migrations, we can help you build a migration framework to put you and your business in the best position to achieve a successful outcome. Whether the change is driven by a legislation, a business separation deadline or just a change of service provider MTell can act without bias and offer full management of the entire migration, or provide valuable non service provider centric guidance about specific elements of your overall data centre migration plan.

MTell has a 5 stage approach to help you get to the desired outcome within the fastest possible time with the least amount of acceptable business risk, our approach is based on multiple years of experience performing data centre moves from a small amount of devices to multiple thousand devices over many migration events.

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible without the need to over complicate the migration, which many stakeholders will inevitably try to do through fear of the unknown and usual fearful of the scale of things that need to change.

Mtell’s success has been built on a tried and tested 5 step approach:-

It is no coincidence that many a successful project has been built around a governance framework that enables the teams involved in the work the right amount of freedom to get on and deliver the work that has been requested from them, but also when they encounter problems the right governance is in place to deal and resolve any issues. MTell believes that having governance built into the heartbeat of your project will enable you to arrive at the desired outcome with the least amount of interruption to your information technology services and therefore your business.

Whether you require Programme, Project or Implementation expertise one of our consultants can be built into your team,  or we can be the team that you chose to provide you the assurance your governance framework and approach is engrained into the delivery of your data centre migration project.

Understanding the assets which you wish to migrate is a key dependency to a successful data centre migration, information relating to how assets relate to applications and how they relate to business services quickly grow outdated. Having an early baseline of this information will allow for negotiation with your chosen new service provider and give you the ability to scope out the size and shape of the challenge ahead.

Information from various sources will be captured and combined into a central data repository, which will become the single source of information used for planning and executing the migration events. Key dependencies between applications and infrastructure will clearly need to be understood and documented before a migration event takes place these can then be used in the planning stage.

MTell consultants can provide a tailored package of Discovery and Analysis to meet your specific requirements or work with your team to collect the relevant level of information to plan a complete migration.

The planning stage of the Data Centre Migration is one of the most difficult to accomplish well as there will be a requirement for many stakeholders to be involved, all with differing views on how to achieve the desired outcome.

MTell consultants can provide a tailored package of planning to meet your specific requirements or work with your team to create a complete data centre migration plan.


Execution relating to the running of a end to end data centre migration plan, or low level implementation tasks of running the migration event on a minute by minute basis to achieve your desired outcome.

Mtell can execute the migration plan, assist with the execution of the migration events, or provide independent quality assurance of how your team are executing against the plan vs the agreed migration framework to give your stakeholders the confidence that the plan, event and migration are being delivered as expected.

Many companies dismiss the decommission phase of the data centre migration as not being significant enough to warrant a plan as this usually happens once all the critical services have been migrated, there is usually a significant amount of effort required to decommission a previous data centre.

Failing to plan for the removal of any decommissioned assets could lead to overrun in your existing contract with the current provider and needs to be planned into the overall data centre migration approach during the initial planning phase.