Business Case

Moving your business to a cloud based platform can offer many benefits but also there is risk involved with devolving responsibility for your infrastructure to a 3rd party, the first step to achieving this is to create a solid business case that supports the various options you have considered and gain business approval of the right approach.

Business cases can range from very detailed and structured, as defined by the project management methodologies or a brief ¬†informal presentation of the facts covering the basic’s including, brief description of the proposal, expected business benefits, options considered, expected costs, gap analysis and a summary of the risks you have considered, you should also include a do nothing approach to make sure the stakeholders are fully informed to make their decision to proceed or reject the opportunity.

Mtell can create the business case for you to present to your stakeholders or work with your stakeholders to help define the requirements that the business case needs to support and then create the business case to meet those requirements.